Finishing Touches

I am one step closer to reaching my ideal identity. I spent this week brainstorming and organizing my deliverables, which took much longer than anticipated. I worked on my logo, trying different icon placement, color treatment, and even typeface change. I also had to create a diagram for the anticipated packaging and so my illustrator could have a concrete source to work from. This is not the set packing dimension that I will be using but just for the time being.

My color choices have been set from the first day I chose the palette; I deleted only one color that was too similar to those of the palette. The colors are lively and youthful, not using black in any aspect to refrain from solemn correlations. The typeface I'm using is Filson Soft, a rounded sans serif with curvy capitals at times. I wanted to use a sans serif that was rounded to attract my audience and also by using a more causal, welcoming font, engage the user in a positive way. Foster kids often see the generic Times New Roman or Helvetica on their court forms, evaluations, and personal files so using a general font would deter them from the brand.

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