It's the FINAL... Visual System!

This week I have finalized my visual system, which includes photography style, typography, color palette, graphic elements, and of course logo treatment. I always get worried about 'finalizing' designs because I am a very hesitant designer (indecisive is a better word). I want to explore more options but time does not always grant that. For instance in my photography style, I am still trying to achieve two of my styles (the time lapse photos). I plan on doing a photoshoot next week during spring break.

Regarding social media, I have begun to use a reminder to post every 2-3 days something related to my project or memories itself. For this blog I feel safe sharing my insecurities about my project but on Facebook, I don't want my audience to see the drafts of LifeMap, just the final product. I understand it does it a disservice but I don't know how to break out of that shell.

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