And then the Fire Nation attacked...


At first I thought my thesis was just done, there were so many unanswered questions, confusions and just frustrations. But realizing my audience changed for the best and my deliverables changed for the better, I was ready to take on the challenges ahead.

I started my website from scratch in Wix but it was giving me many issues already. I shared my problems with my Thesis II professor Jeremy Stout and he expressed some concern as well. Did I really need a live website? How significant was the packaging? And most importantly would it be doable? I saw everything crumbled before me and alas the Avatar showed up.

After a long conversation with Anitra Nottingham, the Online Graphic Design Director of Academy of Art University, we made some major changes for my thesis. We minimized the packaging and solely focused on the JourneyBooks. She also suggested to switch my website from live to prototype, being set in InVision, a prototype website builder. I have updated my visual system, my materials matrix and my timeline (which both can be found on the About Us page).

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