User Testing, Round II: "They love me, they truly love me!"

As an online student, you tend to live in your bubble and wonder, is all this passion for naught? And then you do user testing and everyone pats you saying, 'You did good kid, you did good.'

I did a total of 3 user testing, including last week's with the older prototype. My audience was really excited of the topic, confused as to how I'm getting my masters in Graphic Design and not social work/psychcology, and bummed that it's only a prototype. Such an emotional roller coasters, poor parents! I was happy with all the input, appreciated their honesty and humbled to be welcomed into their homes. That's what two years of networking does!

Below are my results. Emerald was more of a technical, detail-orientated teacher-like user, Charlene was a motherly, aging-out advocate, non-tech savvy user, and Randy was a fast-paced, straight to the point, focused on the HOW user. Great combination. The only thing that went wrong is that I recorded them viewing the website, not our in-depth reflection-response conversation afterwards, which is when I got most of my insightful information. I forgot to take pictures because I was taking notes so I had to learn to convert video into images. I didn't even know you could do that but photoshop can do amazing things. So I learned something new.

Things in my design that worked: 1. All video prompts were visited. 2. Audience reacted well to photography (thought it was cute and endearing). 3. Audience felt that the amount of reading was fair. 4. Portal was user friendly. 5. Deliverables seem reasonable and doable.

Things in my design that didn't work: 1. Parallax points 2. Resources: confusion about differences between classes, events, groups 3. Store: users didn't know where to go from there 4. Portal: completely missed the journey alert 5. Missing information for future deliverable

I updated my website according to my professor's and user testing feedback.

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