User Testing Synopsis

It's never good when your assignment starts of with six foster families denying user testing invitations because they are too busy this week with their kids' events. But luckily, there were three who had mercy on me and turned out to be great user testers. All is well again in the world.

My first tester, Emerald, mostly helped me with the legality and realistic aspect of the website. She also corrected grammar, spelling errors, etc. because she is a teacher. Charlene is not into technology so that provided a great perspective on my audience who's not hands on. She had much more input on the journals than the website deliverable. My last tester, Randy, focused on the wider picture, the HOW will this be put into place and the resources to make this happen. He immediately pointed out my biggest concern that I knew I had: HOW to make the foster parents that DON'T care participate in LifeMap?

According to my Materials Matrix, my users reacted positively to all deliverables (the website, the journey book, the packaging). However, I did notice that for my next deliverable, the JourneyBook, I will have to do A LOT of research on the content of the design as well as the binding. The binding and mock up will have to look professional yet homemade scrapbook-like. I plan on getting those First Baby books and start from there, as well as existing LifeBooks (equivalent to my JourneyBook) and digest what works and what does not. Secondly, to go beyond what is expected of me, I could do a lengthier video presentation that I would hypothetically present LifeMap at a foster care meeting/event (most likely PRIDE, which is the foster care training where they receive all their information and resources to begin fostering). I plan on doing my second deliverable research during the summer and adding more pages and links to the website.

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