Thesis III, we begin!

I'm in the last lap, ladies and gentlemen!

Wow I never thought fixing a few loose ends could give me such a headache. This week I focused on fixing up the website's glitches on InVision and creating the tutorial video. While I was doing the tutorial video screen recording I couldn't understand certain icons on the page. I decided to delete them since they were probably there by accident... not. Once I was starting to upload the audio, I realize what they were AND that I was missing a page, hence why I couldn't understand it. I had to start from scratch.

Regarding the Journeybook, which is my main deliverable this semester, I did a lot of brainstorming and lots of questions came up. I know I can't be told what to do but need advice on some blindsides I might be missing. I know some of these questions might be answered during user testing.


1. Should the How-To be in the front of the book or a mention of it in the front and then located in the Foster Care parent section?

2. Binding - This is my toughest question and determines my sizing and layout. Should it be spiral bound, a binder kind, or perfect-bound? I'm hesitant to do perfect-bound because some pages will not apply and they can rip it out and damage the book, and I can't perforate the whole book. Spiral is more economical than a binder, but you cannot take and input pages.

3. Size - Right now I'm thinking 8.75 x 7.5? Bulky enough for kids and big enough not to lose.

4. Narrator - should it just be text like other deliverables or should I implement a character or speech bubbles?

5. Recordings - although video cannot be recorded, should audio be? Kind of like those books that you can record telling a story.

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