Milestone: INFANT

Last week I designed 4/5 sections of my book. This week I was going to focus on the Milestones section, the biggest section of the book. I finished the Infant section to my surprise but not sure of the sequence of pages. A lot of what I thought was age-specific can actually apply for other ages (for example bed time routine).

User testing is due before Module 5. I have one user testing on Tuesday, I hope to get some books printed tomorrow. This particular user is actually in charge of the whole foster care networking organization so it's kind of a big deal. I have another user scheduled for Thursday. I plan on both of them looking through the Journeybook and Website prototype.

In the first module, people said the audio wasn't strong so I increased it and zoomed in for the login. Let me know if I need to tweak it more. I will not be doing closed captions, even though I tried on Youtube and it wouldn't automatically read it properly.

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