A little bit of everything.

This week it looks like I didn't do a lot but most of my work was in InVision and recreating my walkthrough video. By changing one feature, I had redo all the pages of my Portal (both in website and mobile). I had to re-record the screen for the video since all the screens had changed, as well as add explanations for the new feature. I increased my voice clip volume and decrease the music as suggested, updating the link in InVision. For my thesis process book, I focused on the sequence of information, not so much the layout for right now. I designed some pages but didn't treat it (referring to the tracking, ragging, leading, kerning).

I also did my first user testing. She tested my first deliverable as well. She is a foster parent, an adoptive parent, a foster care advocate, and an English teacher; she gives the BEST feedback. She made me feel a little better since my main participant kept cancelling on me. This user reminded me that although that person has the most knowledge, she might not have the time.

Lastly, I used my new camera for the first time! The Nikon D3500! I love it, even though it has only 10 minutes of video recording. I usually just voice record everything anyways.


DESKTOP LINK: https://invis.io/JGQFMDSVZDF#/229226505_LifeMap_Website_Homepage

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