Don't know when to stop.

This week was both disappointing and satisfying. Once I concluded user testing, I fixed all the pages in the JourneyBook according to their suggestions. I quickly realized that I was creating so many pages for this one age section that it had consumed my time. Next week all the deliverables needs be done and I have yet to start on the other three age sections. I'm pretty disappointed in my tunnel vision. I've contacted the Onsite Director (temporary thesis supervisor) to address my problem about 4 JourneyBooks vs 1 full complete one.

Also, I like my idea for the thesis presentation video but not sure I have the skills to execute it.

I am satisfied with my user testing feedback. My audience loves the idea and can't wait for this to be actualized. I also found a company to do the vinyl for my binder, which I'll be getting next week. So it's been a rollercoaster.

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