A pair of extra eyes

My visual system has evolved drastically from GR600. Visual system always evolves until it matures.

Originally it was blue, shades of gray, and black, colors I adopted from an organization doing a similar project to the packaging part of my thesis. For typeface I was using Trade Gothic, very cold and industrial with a contrasting Scriptina reflecting event-type fonts. My illustrations were made of patterns and very scrapbook-like, still in solemn colors and now in typeface Officina Sans. By the time of my thesis proposal, I had introduced a more lively color palette similar to the one I have now and added a script typeface CF Jaques Carter. In GR810, I began to focus more on my audience at the time, the foster children, and illustrated whimsical characters for the brand. At midpoint, I realized I was addressing the wrong audience and shifted my focus on the foster parents who would be the primarily recorders of the children's memories. After much back-and-forth, I solidified my colors, which all stayed the same minus the removal of cornflower blue. My visual system changed from illustration to photography; I decided on navy blue base with a possible overtone color from my color palette. The final typeface is Filson Soft for all typography, addressing both audiences at once. It was a long journey but I'm satisfied with the end result. I've learned that even the most cemented elements of a brand can easily be shifted during user tested, especially when you have the wrong audience. At first I was designing for foster kids but with a mature visual language, then I was designing for adults with a juvenile identity brand, and finally balanced out a visual system that addressed both of my audiences.

Before submitting my final website I decided to have m sister proofread . I was amazed of how may spelling errors and visual discrepancy. I corrected 95% of my screens and updated accordingly on inVision. I also had her proofreading the journal book in its entirety and corrected the mistakes that she found.

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