I recorded my journey.

May 6, 2019

My last blog post.


In GR600: I decided my topic.
In GR810: I researched my topic.
In GR830: I built my brand and started my deliverables.
In GR850: I finished my deliverables and (will) present my project.


As I look back at my initial contract and how far along my deliverables have come, I am overwhelmed with pride. I began this thesis with so many diverse ideas but little knowledge of the topic and audience. The events, research, questionnaires, surveys, and user testing created a project that far surpassed my projected goals. Even though I thought my thesis was doomed when I had to change my audience, it was this very failure that launched my thesis into something better. I hope that this project continues past the final presentation. I asked my professor if any thesis projects actually become products/services and she replied few do. I think LifeMap can be one of those few, the few that change the world. I am so thankful for this blog that documented my journey and thesis memories. Below is my thesis summary video and my final presentation slideshow.


Memories are important.






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